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Error Capture

Question asked by scott2si on Jun 1, 2010
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Error Capture

Description of the issue

This is a reproducible bug in FileMaker Pro 8, 9, 10, and 11: Normally, when you add the "Set Error Capture (On)" script step to the beginning of a script, FileMaker Pro is supposed to suppress its own error messages for any future script steps that may result in an error dialog box to the user. This works almost all of the time, EXCEPT with the "Save Records As PDF" script step. If that particular script step fails (for example, if the specified filepath is not a valid filepath), FileMaker will still force its own error message to the user, even if you've previously turned on set error capture. This makes it very confusing for users who are using our custom FileMaker solutions, because they don't understand the incomprehensible error message that FileMaker throws up on the screen. Instead, we would like to present our OWN user-friendly error message, but our error message doesn't show up until AFTER FileMaker forces its own error message to the user. Thanks,Scott