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Error Code 3 returned when it should be 9

Question asked by philmodjunk on Feb 10, 2015
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Error Code 3 returned when it should be 9


FileMaker Pro


13.04 (We know there's a .05)

Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

A user was unable to export records. While investigating causes, we found that the script in question was returning Error code 3--command is unavailable when it failed to export data.

After that code lead us down several blind alleys, we found that the user's privilege set in the interface file did not allow exports.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Set up two files on the data separation model. Use manage security to set up matching accounts in both the data and interface files. Give the data file privilege set permission to export data. Do not give the interface file privilege set permission to export.

Run a script with Export records while logged in with this account and use Get ( LastError ) to capture/display the error code.

Expected result

Error Code 9 (Insufficient access privileges)

Actual result

Error code 3 (Command is unavailable)