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Error when using Save Records as PDF

Question asked by dmacpherson on Sep 29, 2011
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Error when using Save Records as PDF


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

WinXP R3

Description of the issue

I run a script that use the Save Records as PDF step to create a PDF to a disk location.
When I run the script on Win 7 & FM 11 Advanced, it works as expected.
When I execute the script in a WinXP workstation with FM Pro I get the error, below

I have examined the layout and attempted to see how the column setup is wrong and I cannot.

Can anyone explain why this script works properly on Win7 and/or FMP11 Advanced but not on WinXP, with FMP 11.  Is there a more complete description of what this error message means?


Steps to reproduce the problem

Run script on Win7 workstation, then run on WinXP workstation.

Expected result

PDF file created on disk.

Actual result

Works properly on Win7 workstation, not on WinXP

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

"To print using Column Setup, the Body must fit entirely on one page.  Before printing, make the body shorter, use longer paper, or turn off Column Setup."

Configuration information

Works:  Win7, FMPro 11.0v3 Advanced, disk location is a remote server folder.

Does not work:  WinXP R3, FMPro 11.0v3, same disk location


None, creating the PDF from the WinXP station is essential.