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Escape does not cancel Find mode

Question asked by Ward on Mar 15, 2009
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Escape does not cancel Find mode

Description of the issue

On Mac OS X, my left hand automatically clicks the Escape key to cancel an action.  Most often, it's the equivalent of reaching for my mouse and clicking the Cancel button in a dialog.  Escape also affects an application action/mode like discarding a playlist selection in iTunes or exiting full screen playback in QuickTime Player or DVD Player. When a Find results in a "No records match" error dialog, Escape closes the dialog and exits/cancels Find mode. However, at the beginning of a Find, I must use my mouse to return to Browse mode (either clicking the Cancel Find button in the toolbar or selecting Browse from the popup menu in the bottom status bar). Clicking the Escape key does nothing at all. Since Escape is apparently a dead key at the beginning of Find mode, how about binding it to the Cancel Find action?  I say "action" because it should not have to depend on the state of the toolbar. -- Ward