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ESS connections accumulate

Question asked by _ian on Jun 18, 2009
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ESS connections accumulate

Description of the issue

FileMaker 10.0v1 on OS X using Actual ODBC driver connecting to MySQL 5.1.35. We have been getting messages indicating that we're exceeding the number of allowable connections on the Actual ODBC driver (5) when there were only 2 users connected through ODBC. It turns out that opening a new window and going to a different layout creates a new connection. Likewise Manage Database creates a new connection. So connections seem to be tied to each new window that has a different context plus managing databases. Now the problem is that when we close one of those windows it does not destroy the connection. Consequently the connections appear to accumulate until I quit that instance of FileMaker. Since quiting FileMaker destroys all connections it suggests that FileMaker is actively closing those connections when the application quits. In that case it would also make sense that FileMaker should also close connections tied to the window being closed.  cheersIan