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Excel Import Not Stable

Question asked by disabled_morkus on Nov 10, 2011
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Excel Import Not Stable


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS/X 10.7.2

Description of the issue

I have a simple Excel spreadsheet that fails to import. Although I found a way to work around this, I wanted to report this (bug) anyway since what I did to "fix" the import shouldn't be necessary.

In the spreadsheet as it was exported from another system, some of the columns do not fully display (however, the text field data is still all there). When I tried to import the spreadsheet, FMP got totally confused and basically showed me 1 character from each spreadsheet field and asked me to match it up to a field (in the Import dialog). The import behavior happens also if you just drag the Excel icon to FMP directly.

In desperation, I found that if I extended the columns in the spreadsheet to show all the text data, then the import worked OK.


Not sure how File Maker Pro gets so confused.

I am currently evaluating FMP, but am a bit surprised by these bugs. As long as they're "known issues" and will be fixed, that's cool.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Have a spreadsheet that doesn't show the entire cell contents (columns in Excel only partially show the text).


(at least this is the only potential issue based on my workaround below)

Expected result

You'll see gibberish in Excel.

Note if the


The workaround is to first expand the columns in Excel so all the text shows. Then the import runs.