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    Exit application script step recursion



      Exit application script step recursion


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows XP

      Description of the issue

      Exit application script step leads to infinite recursion, if run indirectly. If I exit filemaker app through script ShutdownA.

      File A - script: ShutdownA -> Perfrom Script ShutdownB

      File B - script: ShutdownB -> Exit Application

      Exit Application also fires OnRecordLoad script, if it is configured. I think it should not fire load on exiting.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      File A - script: ShutdownA -> Perfrom Script ShutdownB from File B
      File B - script: ShutdownB -> Exit Application

      Expected result

      Close all files and exit filemaker

      Actual result

      Infinite loop

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No error, only waiting cursor

      Configuration information

      Filemaker Server and Client 12v4.


      Press esc and close files manually, or use close file script steps before exit application.

        • 1. Re: Exit application script step recursion

               Hi Tomas,

               I cannot replicate this issue, but maybe i misunderstood your post. I have some questions :

               • Did you talk about Exit Application step or Close File step ?
               • If first, only one call is supposed to be needed because when Application Exit all files are closed. Why did you proceed this way ?
               • If second, please note that you can use also use Close File[File B] from File A to close File B. So not necessary to create a script on B.
               • When i performed my own tests, both Exit Application and Close File didn't fire the OnLoadRecord trigger.

               Maybe a sample script will also be useful...

               Please let us know...

               Bye, Fred

          • 2. Re: Exit application script step recursion

                 Hi Fred,

                 Sorry for short first description, I can't replicate it too with new simple files. Here is screen recording that shows the issue. I have discovered the problem accidentaly, when I was "playing" with shutdown script. We normally do not close Filemaker only with exit application, because it is slower.


                 In screencast you will see our company's solution. On Dashboard is located shutdown button, which run script shutdown batch. At 00:58, you can see some other files within the same solution. These files should be also closed with Exit Application, but the script loop until crash.

            • 3. Re: Exit application script step recursion

                   Hi Tomas,

                   Thanks for replying and for the AVI file. Unfortunaletly, i haven't see a possible cause. What i can say is :

                   • As i said previously, using Exit Application step this way seem very strange. In absolute, Exit application can be performed from everywhere...
                   • For many reasons, i think it could be a conceptual error here*. Because outwards your whole intergrated solution, the user is maybe using another database that have nothing to do with. When he press the shutdown button from your integrated solution he could be surprised that the other database is closing too.
                   • At contrary, your "main shutdown script" is a good idea. And you could take adavntage of it to close your files in an appropriate order (if needed).
                   • Take care about a possible OnLastWindowClose script trigger defined on your file option, morevorer with multiple files solutions.
                   So, well... i hope it could help you !
                   Bye, Fred
                   * Just my opinion, no offense to you, and i know well that it don't provide the expected issue's cause.
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                     Thanks Fred,

                •           I know it is strange. I want to only say, that there can be some problem in Filemaker. End user can do a lot of dirty scipts in Filemaker wink.  They say in help, that exit application script  step closes all files and exit application. If there is some error in script, I need to know it from Filemaker Client (message box,...)
                •           Same shutdown button is in each database, mapped to the same script on Dashboard. So users are well aware of it.  
                •           OnLastWindowClose is empty in each file.



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                       I'm seeing this issue in a solution I am working with. Filemaker Pro 11v4, and Server v11.  It does not always happen, I cannot figure out what conditions are necessary to see it. Annoying. Customer says it just started happening in last few weeks—but scripts have not changed. That's all I have for now.