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Question asked by LaRetta_1 on Jun 24, 2009
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If we have a scripted export and later delete a field from the table, our export correctly drops that field from the export (it disappears in the right-side export pane).  But when I want to print documentation on the script (print to PDF or to printer), FM displays  in that spot.  Well, 1) we don't know which field is missing so it really is of no benefit for it to display in the list and 2) it NEVER leaves - EVER. I might understand if it displayed the missing field until the next time the export step was modified or ran but no.  So if we want good, current documention showing the correct state of that export script, we will never get it because a field we deleted from the export 5 years ago will still display as  and make us concerned EVERY time we print current documentation (because we won't know if it's old or current issue).  I shouldn't have to re-create the export script-step just to get a printed copy without .  The problem also is, because it doesn't give ANY indication of which field is missing, there will be no way of knowing which  represented which field we deleted (when).  Make sense? At least if FM is going to leave that reference there, tell us the Source Field number attached to it like it does when we print the Import script.  Then it might have some meaning.