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Export Records on FMS 10, Windows, is not server compatible

Question asked by philmodjunk on Apr 24, 2009
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Export Records on FMS 10, Windows, is not server compatible

Description of the issue

Another Forum member was asking about running an export script as a server scheduled script. I got curious and did some testing. I created a one line script set to export records. Perform without dialog was selected and all fields from a small table was specified as the export order. I tried the following variations: Relative pathsfile:testcopyfile:testcopy.fp7file:/testcopy Path to existing Directory "Data" on D: partition:filewin:/D:/Data/testcopy.fp7 With each variation, I tried running the script from a schedule in FMS 10, checked the log and searched for a file named "testcopy".The first two paths did not log an error in the log viewerThe last two logged an Error Code 800 (Unable to create file on disk) None of the tests actually produced the file. Thus, for FMS 10, Windows Server 2003, SP2, This script does not appear to be server compatible even though the script editor says that it is. As a work around, If I needed to do this type of operation, I'd run it from a client machine instead of the server.