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Export records problem

Question asked by suyoung_1 on Feb 4, 2009
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Export records problem

Description of the issue

Hello,  I've been using Filemaker Pro v9.0v3 and testing v10 for my work. There was a problem in exporting records in excel or tab file. The exported file has much more records than the layout from which the file is exported. Only the records with missing fields are multiplicated. Fortunately the problem is partially corrected in v10. Export in xslx format does not make any problem. However, export in tab file  produces the same mistakes. When I export records into xslx file, FILE-EXPORT RECORDS menu produces the same problem and FILE-SAVE/SEND RECORDS AS menu do not. Isn't it interesting? Whether the DB is in local machine or in server doesn't make any difference. The db file has 243430 records and created new layout using two tables prior to file  export. OS: MacOS X Leopard, MacOS X Leopard Server Do you guys have any suggestion? Thanks. Su Young.