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Export Streaming Video and Play on iOS

Question asked by JohnDuncan on Jul 19, 2013
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Export Streaming Video and Play on iOS


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Operating system version

iOS 6.1.3

Description of the issue

I imported an mpeg video to a container field on a Mac using the Insert Audio/Video script step.  The video plays fine on Mac.  Knowing that I have to export the video file to play it on iOS I did a script step:

   Export Field Contents [ container; $path; Automatically Open ]

$path is the path to the temporary folder / the name of the file.  The export seems to work but then it shows an error:

  Failed to open "http://fmserverIP:16000/Streaming/MaindDB/FM-59861657-16B6-4C30-B58-C5959B8059.mpeg

It appears that the "Automatically Open" is referencing back to the server to try to play it instead of trying to open the exported file.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Import a video into an interactive container.  Export it to the temporary folder on iOS with the "Automatically Open" option specified.

Expected result

It should play the video downloaded to the iOS device

Actual result

It opens a URL back to the FM Server

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Failed to open "http://fmserverIP:16000/Streaming/MaindDB/FM-59861657-16B6-4C30-B58-C5959B8059.mpeg

Configuration information

MacOS-X 10.8.4