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Exporting a container field

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Feb 9, 2012
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Exporting a container field


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac 10.7

Description of the issue

I can't seem to figure this one out.  I have a container field that I'd like the user to double click on to open.  This field will have multiple file types.(pdf, word, pages, etc)  I currently have:

Steps to reproduce the problem

set variable[$path; Value:Get(TemporaryPath)]
Export Field Contents [resume; file:$path:/"temp";Automatically open]

When I double click on a png, it works fine but .pages does not.  It appears to not be saving the extension.

Expected result

I would like to double click on a file and it open.  I'd like the file to be temporary and the user never have to delete it.

Actual result

PNGs open in preview but .pages files do not.