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External Keyboard error when going to text field after number field

Question asked by tmckibbin on Jun 11, 2015
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External Keyboard error when going to text field after number field


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 8.3

Description of the issue

Moving to text field, cursor goes away, field is still active but can't type.  Touch inside field and you can type one letter then back to active but no cursor.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1) only happens when the soft key pad is docked (functions fine when soft keyboard is raised in undocked mode but then it covers fields that are being edited without scrolling)
2) External keyboard is in use.
3) Selecting, by touch or by tab order, a number field with "Default for data type" or "Numeric 10-Key" selected as Touch Keyboard Type.  To a text field set to "Default for data type" or "ASCII" (haven't tried every combo)

Expected result

Should put cursor in text field able to type. If Soft keyboard is up (in the case of a 10-key selection) the selected field should scroll to the top edge of the keyboard (make it visible)

Actual result

selected text field looks active but you can't type in it with out touching it again.  Then only 1 letter before having to touch the field again.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

no dialog or warnings


Any action in between the switch from number field to text field makes it work properly.  ie.. touch outside of field to commit record before touching text field or touching a scripted button in between, seemingly anything that interrupts the direct keyboard change form number to text even though the soft keyboard is hidden.
Soft keyboard undocked also makes it work correctly even when external keyboard is on.  That has covering the desired field ramifications though.
I'm going to try a commit on leaving field script on number fields for now.