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External Server Accounts

Question asked by Nico_Kobes on Jul 23, 2010
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External Server Accounts


FileMaker Server


Operating system version

Mac OS 10.6.4 server

Description of the issue

When I change the group of a person in LDAP of snow leopard server, the changes don't work in Filemaker Server 11 Advanced.

It looks like there is a very long delay and than it may still update...

Steps to reproduce the problem

Today I changed my user account for one of the databases to an other group and after that I changed it back to fm_moderator and still my account is on the previous change...

I've added some pics...

Configuration information

Xserve1: Open Directory Master (mac os 10.6.4 server)
Xserve2: Open Directory Replica (mac os 10.6.4 server)

On Xserve2 runs Filemaker server

All the clients have Mac OS 10.6.4 with Filemaker 11 on it.