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Failure of Avery 5160 Label template

Question asked by mb3210 on Sep 21, 2010
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Failure of Avery 5160 Label template


FileMaker Pro


FM Pro 11

Operating system version

OS X 10.6.4

Description of the issue

This template fails to set up consistently and properly:

*  Multiple attempts were made to create a layout using the template. Sometimes the layout
    set up with only a Body.  At other times it sets up with a Header included. At times only 9
    vertical labels show in Preview mode rather than 10.

*  Adjustments to the position (in pixels) do bring about the correct number of vertical labels
    (10) in Preview but when actually printing the labels, there is both vertical and horizontal
    creeping and the amount of creeping is not consistent between labels on the same page
    (either horizontally or vertically.)

*  No combination of layout setup modifications corrects the problem.

*  Clearly the printer is not the problem. It is selected as the printer of choice
    for the layout.  It prints labels easily from MS Access and MS Word.  In fact, using a
    mail merge of the data from the FM Pro database works fine but is very cumbersome as the
    FM data must be exported in .merg format each time and then imported into Word.

*Most frustrating is the fact that a search of the forum over the years reveals that this is not a
  new problem.

Steps to reproduce the problem

*  Create a layout using Avery 5160 template.
*  Look at it in Preview.  Some of the time, it appears to be fine.
*  Actually print the labels specifying the printer of choice.
*  Look and see that the print is not consistently in the same place on each of the 30 labels.
*  Changing the alignment of the text to options (top, center, bottom of the field) does not
    improve the issue.
*  Various adjustments to the position (in pixels) of the text does not help.

Expected result

Printing a page of Avery 5160 labels from the template with the printing properly aligned on the page (3 across and 10 down).  This seems pretty simple!

Actual result

Intermitent  failure to show the correct number of labels in Preview without adjusting settings.  Consistent failure to properly and consistently align the labels vertically and horizontally despite numerous adjustments to layout settings.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message is given.

Configuration information

It is not possible to upload and image of this problem as Preview of the layout does not reveal the problem.


The only workaround I have found is to go outside the FM database and print the labels as a Mail Merge in MS Word 2008,