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Failure of inserted .eps graphics to display correctly on layouts

Question asked by samh on Jun 8, 2010
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Failure of inserted .eps graphics to display correctly on layouts

Description of the issue

I use Filemaker for everything and currently have some 700 databases, created in various versions up v 8.5. Many of the databases include .eps graphics on their layouts - things like logos and buttons. I recently upgraded Mac OS from v 10.5 to 10.6.3 and found that many .eps graphics failed to display correctly in either layout, browse or preview modes. The problem is intermittent, sometimes the graphic will display in one mode but not in another, sometimes the graphics will display for a short period and then disappear and vice versa. Some graphics will not display at all. Thinking that the problem might be caused by an incompatibility between my old version of Filemaker (8.5) and the Mac OS, I upgraded to Filemaker v11 but the problem persists. I substituted the .eps graphics with .psd graphics in an existing database and found that these display correctly in all modes. I also created a new database and found that .eps graphics did not display in any mode, again .psd graphics display correctly in all modes. I have reinstalled both the Mac OS and Filemaker without success. I also recreated the .eps graphics in case there was some inconsistency in those created in the previous version of the OS. The problem was unchanged. Although I can work around the problem by substituting all .eps graphics with .psd graphics, the task is somewhat daunting.