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Falha Language Portuguese FM12V3 Up date

Question asked by AugustoGramiscelli on Feb 12, 2013


Falha Language Portuguese FM12V3 Up date


FileMaker Pro


12 Advanced

Operating system version

W 7

Description of the issue

I install the Update Fm12 v.3 than on the program the portuguese not appear to choise, and , I uninstall , install again and didn´t work , never on the preferences , language portuguese appears.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Install the Update FM12 v.03
Change on sistem porgram Windows FM12 installing the language package portuguese to isntall it.
Open the program , choose the language

Expected result

Use the program FM12 on portuguese language - Iam from brazil and it is better to work.

Actual result


Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Not appear any thing because the language portuguese not appears to use