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Field from external ODBC MySQL data source limited to 8192 characters on Windows

Question asked by ajmiller on Sep 22, 2010
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Field from external ODBC MySQL data source limited to 8192 characters on Windows


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 2003

Description of the issue

My setup:

FileMakerPro is 11 running on Windows Server 2003.

A System DSN using the MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver connects to a remote MySQL database.

A FileMaker database is configured to use this external data source.

A FileMaker layout displays a text field stored in the external MySQL table.

The problem:

For some reason, only the first 8192 characters of the field are displayed.

If I type a string longer than 8192 characters, the full length of the string will save to the record in the MySQL table. I know this because I can retrieve the field with other clients (e.g. PHP's MySQL API). However, when I exit and re-enter the field on the FileMaker layout, only the first 8192 characters appear. If I then make any edits, FileMaker will only save the visible characters to the MySQL field and the remaining characters are then lost. It seems that when reading the MySQL field, only the first 8192 characters are transported. Strangely, writing does not appear to be limited to 8192 characters.

I have tried this with the older 3.51 MySQL ODBC driver on Windows and the same problem exists.

I have used alternate clients on Windows (WinSQL) with the System DSN as configured above and there are no problems reading the entire field.

I have also tried this with the Actual OpenSource ODBC drivers on a Mac, and this problem does not happen. On the Mac, the full length of the field is displayed.

This problem appears to only affect connections between FileMaker and MySQL ODBC driver on Windows.

Has anyone else seen this? Are there any settings that would affect this? Any workarounds?

Steps to reproduce the problem

Set up a MySQL database with a table containing a longtext or mediumtext field.

Set up a System DSN on a Windows machine to connect to the above MySQL database using the MySQL ODBC connecter version 5.1

Set up a FileMaker Pro database to use the above System DSN as an external data source.

In FileMaker Pro, create a table reference to the table in the MySQL database.

In FileMaker Pro, create a layout to access the text field in the MySQL table. Make the text field large and show the scroll bar.

Type a long string of text (longer than 8192 characters) into the text field on the layout.

Exit the field and re-enter the field.

Expected result

The entire string that you typed should be visible.

Actual result

Only the first 8192 characters display.