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Field Names don't retain expected sort order in Manage Database

Question asked by hschlossberg on Feb 5, 2014
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Field Names don't retain expected sort order in Manage Database


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

Fields sorted in field definitions by field type seem to have an unexpected secondary sort that causes other problems.  It seems the secondary sort has to do with last updated, but isn't necessarily accurate or desirable.  Issues:

1) double-clicking a calc field and then clicking 'OK' (without making any changes), then changes how the fields are sorted.  It's moved to the bottom of the calcs that were just modified, though in my case there are some other non-modified calc fields that are still listed under it.

2) Though the modified field has moved, the fields that were originally listed under the modified field now have names that include duplicates and other misnamed fields (a screen refresh issue perhaps, but see #3 below).

3) Double-clicking the field that is now at the top of the list of calcs asks first if I would like to save my changes (even though I theoretically haven't made any changes).

The best thing to do at this point to avoid complete chaos to a working database is to re-sort by field name and then go back to sort by field type.

Expected result

My preference is for the old pre-13 behavior (no secondary sort other than creation order).  Otherwise, trying to go down the list to apply a name or formula change to each field results in mayhem.