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Field text sometimes spills out of field bounds

Question asked by Dillik on Jun 1, 2012
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Field text sometimes spills out of field bounds


FileMaker Pro


FMP 12.0v1

Operating system version

OS X 10.7.4 (also 10.6.8)

Description of the issue

Occasionally, my layout will show multi-line field text spilling outside the field bounds defined in layout mode (and I'm not in the field at the time).  The attached picture shows the same portal in browse and layout modes (placeholder data used).

The field exhibiting the behavior below was 10pt Verdana, though I've seen it happen with other font sizes (and not just that particular field instance; often the two fields surrounding the center one will be guilty as well).  It happens too rarely for me to be able to pin down a cause, but I'll sheepishly admit I've only managed to see it on a layout that uses a custom theme I designed (a modified version of "Cool").

Before you say it serves me right for using a custom theme (and maybe it does), I must note that it happens only rarely; if it happened all the time, I'd conclude my CSS was faulty.  When it appears, I've found the problem is remedied by switching view modes (for example, to Preview and then back to Browse).  Typical window refresh doesn't work.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I wish I knew!  I'd like to try triggering it in a layout that uses an unadulterated theme to prove my custom theme isn't to blame.  I can't say for sure that it's happened to fields outside a portal (or even outside a portal-inside-a-tab-panel as I have here).

Configuration information

Note: Even though the symptoms are roughly comparable, I don't consider this issue to be the same as a previous bug I reported here:

...because that bug concerned certain fonts displaying with an abnormal vertical offset, while this bug concerns a font not plagued by said abnormality, and its text is displaying outside of the field bounds defined in layout mode (which was not part of the problem in the prior bug).  The prior bug also wasn't sporadic, and it wasn't remedied by switching modes.