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Field/Control Setup Window not available

Question asked by wahood3 on May 28, 2010
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Field/Control Setup Window not available

Description of the issue

File Maker Product:  FileMaker Pro 11.0V1 (2-4-2010)Operating System:  Mac OS X  10.6.3Detail description:  When attempting to create a field control the "Field/Control Setup" window never appears. Exact Steps: Layout Mode click field/control tool icon place control on layout at this point, the untitled table select window appears after selecting the table::field, the window closes and the control says  I have found no way to get the "Field/Control Setup"   window to appear Expected Result: The "Field/Control Setup"   window should appear after the control is placed on the layout. I have FileMaker Pro 10  Windows version that works as expected. Actual Result: The "Field/Control Setup"   window does NOT appear after the control is placed  on the layout.  I have not found a way to get the window to appear. Error Messages: There are no error messages either system or application. Work Arounds: From the INSERT menu, I can create a value list, but I can not assign it to the control. Thanks for your help.