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File Level date format handling bug and feature request

Question asked by KSP on Feb 3, 2010
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File Level date format handling bug and feature request

Description of the issue

FMP 9 or 10: If you have your date format settings (File options->text->DataEnty) set to "Ask when system/file settings are different, it will only ask when the user opens a file, not when FMP accesses the file for the first time, ie FMP opens a related physical file, not the user. For example if you have two FMP files that are related (physical files, not tables). Open File1 and you get the dialog asking which date settings to use. If File 1 calls a script in File2 FMP doesn't pop a dialog up for file2, nor does FMP itself propogate the date settings of file1 to file2. - FMP just assumes you want to use the default file settings of file2, created when the file was created, even if you have set it to ask for both files. You either need to open both files yourself first or change the settings to "use system settings" FMP should propagate your choice for date formatting when it opens the file (or pop open a dialog again for each file it has to open)instead of ignoring your choice and going with the settings when the file was created.   It's not a big problem once I figured out what FMP was doing.  I do wish FMP would change the date formatting settings to be an application level setting instead of a file level setting.  I also wish FMP would allow me to change the default date format  (it's set at file creation) -E