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File Maker 10 MSI Group Policy Deployment Doesn't Work

Question asked by Natstar on Feb 2, 2009
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File Maker 10 MSI Group Policy Deployment Doesn't Work

Description of the issue

We are a college of 450+ PCs running Windows XPsp3 and Filemaker. It appears The Group Policy method of installing file maker does not work with filemaker 10. We are going through the same steps we went through with Filemaker 9 which deployed flawlessly with GP. We create a new OU, create and link a new GPO, edit the Computer config->software settings->Software installation and add the MSI, change the security settings in the folder so everyone can read it. When we then put our test PC into the OU in Active directory and do a gpupdate the machine will restart and on boot up will say 'Installing Managed software Filemaker 10' and then almost instantly drop out and carry on to the Windows logon screen. I have tested all the msi settings by running it manually once logged in so I know the serial, user name, and Organisation are all correct in the 'Assisted Install' text file. What am I missing, or does it just not work yet?