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    File Maker pro stopped working



      File Maker pro stopped working


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7 SP1

      Description of the issue

      After installing Windows 7 File Maker pro 9 has stopped working. At opening I have a message that “File Maker pro stopped working. Windows looking for solution.” And closes.

      What is the cause of that, and what is the solution??

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I have reinstalled FM again but same problem.
      I even changed the Hard Drive with a new one, but same problem.

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          Imad Zakaria:

          Thanks for posting!

          Please note that we have not tested FileMaker Pro 9 with Windows 7 so we can't guarantee compatibility.

          Are you installing from a disc or a download? If it's a download, try redownloading it, uninstalling FileMaker Pro 9 and reinstalling using the new download.

          As a test, can you try with the FileMaker Pro 11 trial? Please see your inbox at the top of this page for a message from me detailing where to get this.

          Does this issue persists in a new user account? A new user account can be setup in the Users section of the Control Panel.

          FileMaker, Inc.