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    file name drops from Window drop down list



      file name drops from Window drop down list


      FileMaker Pro


      11 advanced

      Operating system version

      windows 7

      Description of the issue

      When the files are first opened, all the files show in the list. (See screen shot) Item 4, Count dissapears from the list but its place is shown as blank under 4.  this is after I click on a navigate button to try to go to "Count" to invoke a script.  There is nothing unusual about the script.  When this happened before, Phil correctly identified a possible cause as the External data source look-up list missing the needed file reference.  Not this time Phil.  What can I do?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      closed the solution and reopened it

      Expected result

      file returns to the list till I go to the file from which I invoke the nav script.  File is gone???