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File Not Available

Question asked by MichaelO'Brien on Nov 8, 2011
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File Not Available


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OSX / Windows XP

Description of the issue

Layout that has a portal to a table in another file occasionally doesn't display related data.  Checking the Window menu, the file is not open.  Tried a number of things, but the most interesting part is the results of a couple of error returns on script steps.  Before taking the user to the layout, running a script that performs an Open File always returns an error of 0.  I follow that up with a Perform Script step with a call to the same file and when this fails, it returns an error of 100 (file not found).  I have a bug report system that logs these errors.

I have a scripted process when a user opens the application where I've added a Go To layout that has a field from one of the tables in this file, and error trapped that as well.  It returns an error of 0 every time.

My thought is to just recover the file and see if that helps, but with it being a sporadic issue that I can't reproduce consistently, I'd prefer to find a dependable solution.

I do use server side authentication, but since I explicitly call the file to open on log in to the system, and call it again during a process, I can't imagine that's of any issue.  If there was a network hiccup, it would be amazing if it happened twice to the same user at different times.

This is a high traffic database with 60+ users, and yet this only happens about once a month.

Steps to reproduce the problem

This is a random issue, and I can't manually recreate it, but I've seen it happen to some of my users and I can verify that the file is not open.

Expected result

File opens to rectify relationships and displays data in UI portal.

Actual result

Occasionally doesn't display data, and file is not open.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message, error trapping on my own.  Error code received on perform script = 100, error code on open file script step = 0

Configuration information

Hosted on FMS 11 Advanced, happens on Windows and OSX
Server side authentication


Can't come up with one