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File referance ungodly slow when created from networed machines.

Question asked by dontneedanotherstinkingname on Jun 8, 2011


File referance ungodly slow when created from networed machines.


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows XP Pro

Description of the issue

When inserting a file referance from any networked computer other than the "master" computer that the file maker data base files are on. The file referance process can take 25 seconds or more. The files in question are pdf documents. This would not be a big deal if it did not completly lock filemaker up until it is done making the file referance. I have seen this problem reported on the forum, but no solution was ever provided.
If I create a file referance using the "main" computer it is intantanious.
If I create a file referance from one of the networked computers and select a file from the root drive on the "main" computer it is conciderably faster than if I use the master sorage file that was crated to store referances.
The way this is set up is that we have a master storage file on the "main" computer for the files that we are going to creat referances for. The file tree is filemaker / KMA / Master storage file / Daily folder / year folder / month folder / folder bearing the current days date.

Steps to reproduce the problem

The problem happens every time you create a file referance from any of the computers networked to the "main" computer.
We do not have any slowness issues with any other filemaker funtions that we use from the remote computers.
Through some expermenting I have found that filemaker is adding roughly 3 seconds to the time it takes to create a file referance for every directory level down you go ... this in a word is rediculous. By the way the files in question are PDF files.