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File with data, but it is not visible in record

Question asked by AlyssaPhelps on Jan 7, 2015
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File with data, but it is not visible in record


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue


I use FileMaker to collect data in layouts, with tables specific to each layout.

I have one layout which has a slider on the bottom, providing two different panels in which data can be entered.

I have 3 separate files that are showing data in the file size (when compared to the original file prior to data collection). And are also showing the creation of 1 record... however the data is not actually visible in the file. The file has data entered in text fields & 6 photos.

So the process for this is I prepare a file for someone else, this file then gets loaded to an ipad, data is collected and the file is then downloaded. So the original starting size of these files was 8,736 KB and they returned to me showing the size of 21,003 KB.

However, when I open the file you cannot actually see any of the data.

I will describe the many ways I have tried to see it/solve the issue:

- export to excel. I can see the data fields of the 1 record created but no text is there.

-save/send to excel. I can see the data fields of the 1 record created, but no text is there.

- reload to ipad. data is still not visible.

- unload the file I reloaded to the iPad back to the computer. Still not visible.

- Save as a compressed file, and open as a recover file. Still no luck.

- Place the same fields in a new layout (referencing from the accurate table) to see if they were 'falling' off of the layout. No luck.

So I am curious if any of you have ever had an issue where your file size is showing that data was entered, but you couldnt see it. If so, could you recover it? Or can files actually show that the size is changed, and still lose the data?

Thank you so much!

Steps to reproduce the problem

So I did try to replicate a possible issue.. leaving the progam open on the iPad while transferring it, but this did not create the issue.

I also tried leaving the cursor in a text box while transferring it. But the data transferred fine and is visible.

Expected result

My intent was to be able to see the text and photos that were entered into FileMakerGo when I opened them on my computer.

Actual result

However the file size shows they are there, but I cannot actually see them.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear