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    Filemaker "Find mode" Problem using script



      Filemaker "Find mode" Problem using script


      FileMaker Pro


      FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced

      Operating system version

      windows xp

      Description of the issue

      while making a find, if one goes with filemaker "find Button", and in case no matches occur, then filemaker error message dialog appears, which either asks for "modify find" or "cancel". If one goes with "cancel" Button, then we'll be having all the last non-omitted records.

      Here the problem is, the same can't be done making use of scripts.
      If in script, perform find(error capture in "on") is done, then in case no matches occur, then one can't get the last non-omitted records. He'll get 0(zero) number of records.

      Expected result

      We should get all the last Non-Omitted records, but in actually we are not getting it.

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          Raj kumar:

          Thank you for your post.

          When clicking the Find button and no records found, FileMaker will alert you and provide options.  However, when Error capture is turned on, FileMaker will display a found set of zero records, so any previous find has been replaced by the new found set.  Therefore, you may want to store the last found set before issuing the new Find.  That way, if no records occur in the new Find, you can revert to your previous found set.

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

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