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Filemaker (top) menus are from the previous app (for example OS X "Mail")

Question asked by R12GS on Apr 29, 2014
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Filemaker (top) menus are from the previous app (for example OS X "Mail")


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version


Description of the issue

Filemaker is actively in-use, but the (top screen; OSX) menus are the last app (for example OS X "Mail" or "Safari").

Steps to reproduce the problem

Only happens on startup.  I don't know a way to consistently reproduce this error.

Expected result

"Filemaker" menus:       File    Edit    View    Insert    Format    Records     (etc)

Actual result

"OS X Mail" menus:      Mail   File   Edit     View    Mailbox    Message  (etc)

or if the last app before starting Filemaker was Safari, then it shows Safari menus.  I can be working in Filemaker, adding, editing records, then only discover the error when I go to the menus at top for some filemaker function and notice that it only has "Mail" functions.


Quit Filemaker, re-open
or Relaunch the Finder

Sometimes I wonder if I just need to "wait".