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FileMaker 10 "breaks" going from Mac OS 10.5.x to 10.6.x

Question asked by MacDoctor on Dec 6, 2010
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FileMaker 10 "breaks" going from Mac OS 10.5.x to 10.6.x


FileMaker Pro


10.0 v3

Operating system version


Description of the issue

I have a client who has used FMPro for many years, through a number of versions (going back to AT LEAST version 7). Recently, however, we have encountered a problem. One of their applications uses several files with information from one being shown, through a portal, on another file's layout.

When client upgraded Apple Operating system from OS 10.5.8 (where everything was working properly) to OS 10.6.5 we discovered several things had "broken".

1. Information which had appeared previously in portals between two files was no longer visible.

2. The ability to enter information in one file, into a remarks section (text field) was no longer possible. Inputs could not be made.

We have verified that the problem IS caused by the new OS, opening the files on SEVERAL OS 10.5.8  Mac computers AND several running 10.6.5 operating systems. Performance of the SAME files is always correct on the older OS and always fails, as discussed above, on the newer OS.

Please advise when we can expect a fix to FileMaker Pro 10 to resolve these issues.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Opening the same file(s) in old and new OS, as discussed above, replicates the problem each time.

Expected result

Expect to see the "linked" data in the portal on the receiving file layout

Actual result

Linked data is not visible/does not come across to the receiving portal. The screen shot, below, SHOULD have information in the tan and aqua stripe area at the bottom. It does show up when using the older OS

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



Running old OS, which is not an acceptable solution