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FileMaker 10 (Mac) stopped working completely

Question asked by TMEG on Feb 28, 2010
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FileMaker 10 (Mac) stopped working completely

Description of the issue

FileMaker 10 (Mac) stopped working completely Filemaker OS 10.5.8iMac G5 - 20" - Intel After working in a database for several hours, I QUIT from FileMaker. The computer would not shut down. I forced the computer to power down. I started the computer and tried to run the Filemaker app. It would not run. When trying to run FM I see the FM logo for a few seconds, then it disappears and nothing happens. No error message, nothing. I have tried reinstalling the FM Pro 10 application, I've tried removing the com.filemaker prefs and restarting FileMaker. Nothing works. Any ideas?