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Filemaker 10 Broke ODBC and Filemaker 11 Still Doesn't Fix it

Question asked by geekpak on Mar 10, 2010
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Filemaker 10 Broke ODBC and Filemaker 11 Still Doesn't Fix it

Description of the issue

I have submitted this bug to every place I could think of for Filemaker. I have seen others who have reported this bug as well. FM 10 broke ODBC. FM 11 continues to not work. I had all of my clients who purchased FM10, downgrade to FM 9. I advised all clients who wanted to upgrade to FM 10 to stay at FM 9 because 10 does not work. I will advise my clients not to purchase FM 11 for the same reasons. The issue has been documented by many, but in case you missed it, here it is again:1. Since FM 10 there seems to be some sort of arbitrary limit on query length. Some report 4096 characters.2. Since FM 10 even though the driver supports it, FM will not reliably execute multiple sql queries in one connection.3. NEW BUG: FM 11 exhibits the same issues as above, but now it doesn't even reliably report the last ODBC Error, it simply gives a blank response. It was difficult to wait out an entire version hoping that this issue would eventually be fixed. If FM 11 can't fix this issue, then we will have to seriously consider switching platform and taking all of our clients to another platform. Our business and our clients MUST have reliable database connectivity. Much of which depends on ODBC. I beg you to please fix the known issues that have been reported now for 2 versions of your product with ODBC.