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FileMaker 10 Crashes in various, unexpected places

Question asked by hdawson on Aug 26, 2009
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FileMaker 10 Crashes in various, unexpected places

Description of the issue

FMPA 10 has crashed on me while performing several different functions.  For example, I have had it crash while trying to set up an export (after I name the file, but before it comes up with the dialog to select the fields to export), while trying to go to button setup in layout mode, and while trying to open the custom privileges for field access dialog in the accounts and privileges area.  When it crashes like this, it always does so with the loud, error noise, and I also notice that it never comes up with the error reporting dialog after crashing like this.  I have seen this behavior for several weeks now.  Our company uses a large, complex, multi-file solution and I can say that this crash always seems to happen when I have had a session open for quite a while and have several files open.