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    FileMaker 10 Crashes in various, unexpected places



      FileMaker 10 Crashes in various, unexpected places

      Description of the issue

      FMPA 10 has crashed on me while performing several different functions.  For example, I have had it crash while trying to set up an export (after I name the file, but before it comes up with the dialog to select the fields to export), while trying to go to button setup in layout mode, and while trying to open the custom privileges for field access dialog in the accounts and privileges area.  When it crashes like this, it always does so with the loud, error noise, and I also notice that it never comes up with the error reporting dialog after crashing like this.  I have seen this behavior for several weeks now.  Our company uses a large, complex, multi-file solution and I can say that this crash always seems to happen when I have had a session open for quite a while and have several files open.

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          Crashes just on your computer or on everyone's?


          Just the "large multi-file solution" or also if you create a local file?


          A few months ago, My windows system acted up and applications would quit, I'd be unable to open an additional window/dialog or the dialog box would fail to display correctly after I had a certain small number of windows/apps already open. After trying a lot of different things, I re-installed Filemaker and Bonjour and that fixed the problem.

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            Hi I have the same experience. FileMaker 10 Pro on MAC crashed all the time for no reason. Sometimes even while I use another application I get a message that FileMaker Pro 10 crashed in the background. My mac is brand new, no special fonts, almost no other applications. What is scary is that I have at least 10 other clients who experience the same thing. There is defenitively an important stability problem with FileMaker 10. Upgrade patches v3 did not fixed the problem. FileMaker Pro 9 and before where extremely stable. What happened in FileMaker Pro 10? And more importantly, how do I fix it?


            Can someone help me with a solution?


            Thank you in advance!



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              Thank you for your post.


              The only crashing problems I have seen with FileMaker Pro 10 have all occurred with Snow Leopard.  However, I am running Snow Leopard and I have yet to crash.  Other Technical Support representatives here have not encountered any problems.  Many of those customers who have experienced problems have tried it on a second Snow Leopard computer and were not crashing.  Those users have not reported back to what the culprit may be.  Also, for those users who do not have access to a second computer, I have suggested reinstalling Snow Leopard from the master CD and that seems to have fixed the problem.


              Since you have ten other clients that are experiencing the same thing, can you provide more information about the Snow Leopard clients that are not having a problem?  Any other information you can provide would be helpful in hopefully locating the problem.



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                And many of us have tried FM10 on several Snow Leopard machines and have hand and still have MANY crashes.  From the number of crashes reported on just this forum I am a little tired of hearing "Show us exactly what to do to make it crash"  Crash logs abound.  I can use FM9 for days and days without a crash on Snow Leopard and yet working with files in any capacity (save as, export, external file references, recover ,PDF, etc, etc.) guarantees a crash for a whole lot of people.  I don't buy the because we cannot make it crash we can do nothing approach.  How many engineers are working on this?  Filemaker has such an arcane help and bug reporting system I guess that even though we put in hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars we are forced to wait in the dark. 


                If filemaker needs help finding out if this is really a problem I can provide a list of several forums and user groups that are venting frustration with this BUG (even more than the large number of reports here).  


                I can provide crash logs, files and reports until the cows come home. Can I make it sit up and crash on command...... No..... That is why we pay what we do for engineers to provide a stable program to keep the wolf called " I told you Filemaker can't handle the job" from our door.


                Work faster.... we a loosing credability.....

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                  Hello, this is my first post on this forum.


                  I have encountered the same issues moosetigre described in the first post (however, I get the crash report dialog). 


                  I've been working with FM (FMPA 10 e FMP 10, on OSX 10.5 and 10.6) for more than a year and never got a problem since August, when it crashed for the first time. The solution I built counts 12 DB and it's quite complex. The crash happens with no evident reason, and, even after weeks of work and tries, I could not find any specific procedure that would lead to the crash. It just happens every once in a while (quite too often in my opinion). The DB's run on FMSA 10, and seven different machines (all of them operating OS X 10.5 Leopard) crash in the same way. No lost or data ever occurred.


                  I spend several hours talking on the phone (and emailing) with FM assistance, which is really good and competent , but could not help me solve the deal. I tried to clean out the scripts (which might end in looping), revisit the relationships and re-establish all the external relationships. It would still crash. Running the same DB from a Windows seems to have no problems at all.


                  The only thing that concerns me, it's that FM should manege much more complex solutions that the one I've been dealing with, and the company I'm working for bases on this FM solution it's future development. (I don't even have to mention the money it spent for the purchase of the licenses).


                  Does anyone have any idea? Anything I could try or check? 

                  My hypothesis is that FM crashes just because it loses contact with the other external DB's, and since it can not load the records it encounters an error. FMSA does not report any warning or error, and looks like the actual DB on the server work perfectly.

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                       It appears that I have resolved the problem.  The crashes got progressively worse, to the point that I could not even set it to run a heavy script without using the debugger to do it a step at a time.  But I recently did a full recovery on my PC, reinstalling Windows XP.  I did this 3 weeks ago and I have not had any crashes in FileMaker since.
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                      Thank you for your post.


                      Since this used to work smoothly, something has obviously changed.  Are you noticing these crashes occurring on all computers or just specific ones?  Although you mentioned all computers running on Leopard, you initially mention Snow Leopard.  Can you clarify?


                      Do you know what you (or the other clients) were doing just prior to the crash?


                      FileMaker Server only hosts the database files.  Does this ever crash?


                      When FileMaker Pro loses contact with an external file, you should receive an error message.  Also, you will see fields displaying <field missing>.  This should not result in a freeze.


                      Do you notice certain functions that occur just prior to the crashing?


                      I'm sure you went over a lot of this with the Support Technician, but something may have been overlooked.  Any additional information may be helpful.



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                        Thank you for the interest you are showing to my problem!


                        The same problem occurs on six machines running Leopard and one (mine) Snow Leopard (I upgraded just to check if it would solve the problem).


                        Not every DB crashes, but just the ones I built, even from scratch, after August. I re-constructed one of them (as the Assistance advised me to, like they do in this cases) but it made no difference. I can't really tell what changed or whether I did something different.

                        Should I rebuild all of them form scratch? I really hope this is the last option. 


                        FM server crashes, but not so often. I upgraded the Java engine two weeks ago, and since then it has never crashed again.


                        That's the thing I cannot understand. FM does not display any <Field missing> label on the fields, and FM server does not notice that the account has logged off (crashed actually) and it gives me back no errors. So, it should not be an external linking problem?


                        This was my first guess, so I spent a lot of nights re-writing all the scripts making links straighter and checking all the loops. I could not find a particular script. However, FM would crash even in the background, when I'm on a different app.


                        I sent to the Assistance all my DB's as clones, but they said they could not find any issues. I tried with a Windows XP machine and no problems at all occurred even after three hours of testing. They ended up saying it could be a problem related just to my system.

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                          Thank you for the additional information.


                          It is interesting that only the databases created after August encounter this problem.  I would not advise reconstructing each of the files.  However, I think the person who helped you was on the right track by having you create one of the files.  That way, if it didn't fail, that might have provided a clue.  Remember, this is not an exact science.  There are a number of factors that can cause problems, so the idea is to try the most obvious and eliminate one by one.


                          Were all of these new files created on the same machine?  That could be a possible clue, but that doesn't let me know if it the machine, the OS on that machine, the copy of FileMaker on that machine, etc.  If all of the new files were created on the same machine, I would try reconstructing the same file on a different machine and putting that to use in order to eliminate that possibility.


                          FileMaker Server only hosts the file.  It keeps track of the open files, the clients connected, etc.  When a client crashes, FileMaker Server does not know the client crashed, so it will continue to display the user is connected.  Only when the user closes the file does it send a message back to the server that the client is no longer connected.


                          If FileMaker Pro is not displaying <Field missing>, then your links are all working properly.  It concerns me that FileMaker is crashing in the background when you are in a different application.  If you have a file set to disconnect after a certain amount of idle time, then you should receive an error message in the background that the file is closing.


                          Please let the assistant know that you have posted to the forum.  This may help save time so he/she does not ask the same questions.  :-)


                          Please continue to keep me updated with any progress.



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                            Thank you very much for the answer.


                            It has been a few weeks since I talked to the assistance, but I will try to email them about this thread.


                            All the DB's were built on the same machine, running OSX 10.5 and FMP 10 Advanced, but they've been modified from 3 different stations in the same network. Anyway the problem first occurredon the first one. The rebuilding was of no help because it started to crash soon after I finished the recover.


                            I have the idle time limit set to 15m, and the message works correctly after that time has expired.


                            The file crashes also when I run it locally (for tests).


                            I will try to rebuild the main DB from scratch from a different machine then, and I'll let you know if anything happens.


                            Thank you very much again, if you have any idea let me know. I'm ready to try everything, LOL.


                            PS: I really don't know if this information is of some kind of help, but on a slower connection (such as wireless or even on a VPN) the crashes appear to be more frequent.



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                                 Hello, I worked on the reconstruction of the main DB from a different machine instead of the one I usually work on.

                              At first everything seemed to go pretty well, but suddenly I started to have some crashes. I thought that the old DB I was keeping in the background was the cause of all of that, but even when I tried to work locally on my DB it would crash for just no reason. It crashed on browse mode, layout mode, on scripts, on anything...

                              I copied all the scripts and the tables in an empty DB. Is there anything I could have possibly gone wrong?

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                                If you can consistently make it crash, then there is obviously something in the file that FileMaker Pro doesn't like.  I would like to see the file (or a clone) so I can run some tests here.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with instructions where to send the file.



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                                  Thank you for sending in your files.  I was able to make the solution crash after a couple of minutes.  At first, FileMaker Pro said one of the files was corrupt, and then when I tried to access it, the solution crashed.  I have sent your files as well as the crash log to our Development and Software Quality Assurance departments for review.  Since this problem is not easily reproducible, it may take some time to analyze the problem.  I will keep you posted.



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                                    Oh, great! :)

                                    The guys from the assistance could not get it crash! At least this means it isn't my system that causes the crash! 


                                    Thank you 



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