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    FileMaker 10 Crashes when running scripts



      FileMaker 10 Crashes when running scripts

      Description of the issue

      Configuration: FileMaker 10.0v3Vista Ultimate 64 Bit SP2, regularly updated per Microsoft's weekly recommendations Issue: For the last week or so,  my Filemaker DB becomes "unresponsive" when running simple scripts (go ahead one week, one month, etc.).  Result is not totally reproducible, but the database generally crashes before the day is over.   The only way out is Task Manager, end task... Same file runs fine on XP and another Vista machine, both FileMaker 9.0v3. In some cases the crash results in an apparently corrupted database, Upon re-opening, FileMaker 10 gives the "improperly closed" message, tries to open the DB, then FileMaker 10 crashes.  Transfer the same file to a machine running FM 9, you get the "improperly closed" message, but it then opens fine... Any ideas?   

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          You're switching back and forth between different versions of Filemaker and different operating system versions.


          It's possible that there is corruption present in your file before it crashes. Some versions of Filemaker and Different OS versions may tolerate corruption in the file that other versions do not. That may explain why you only see crashes on specific Filemaker/OS version combinations.


          I'd perform a recover on the file and test the recovered copy to see if that copy crashes. If the recover operation reports problems or the recovered copy works, replace your file with an uncorrupted back up copy.