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Filemaker 10 Hangs Up

Question asked by MikeDunglinson on Apr 23, 2010
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Filemaker 10 Hangs Up

Description of the issue

Filemaker 10 Pro Windows 7 Shared File Filemaker application hangs up and task manager (Ctr Alt Del) has to initiated to close filemaker I have 1 Global field in the body of a standard layout (not columner\) along with many other Globaland normal fields.This Particular Global field is duplicated  3 times on the same layoutEach duplication has a unique script trigger which runs the script on the field exitWhen one of the duplicated fields is entered Filemaker hangsSome functions work such as menu drop downs but the cursor cannot be movedout of the field it is "stuck in"There is no way to exit except ctrl alt delI found that I could use my application for some time 1 or 2 days without the issue arisingbut I have now taken out the duplicated fields and I am using only the one global fieldwhich triggers one script. This script now chooses the correct subscript dependant on the text entered to the field So Far So good  Mike