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    Filemaker 10 Page Setup Printer Problems



      Filemaker 10 Page Setup Printer Problems

      Description of the issue

      FileMaker Product(s) involved:FileMaker Pro Avanced 10.1FileMaker Server 10Operating System(s) involved:Windows XP, sp3 Detailed description of the issue:I have three databases hosted by FileMaker Server 10.   I just went to Filemaker 10 from version 8.5.  Once I switched I went in and had to add a Page Setup to each of my scripts that print.  I print envelopes, labels, and various pages.  In each of the scripts, the page setup it is set to restore along with the print.  Everytime I set the layout to print envelopes or labels it will randomly remember the setup.  Sometimes it knows the correct page setup and sometimes it returns to whatever was last printed.  This appears to be if someone changed printers with a different script running it remembers their page setup not what is set in the script Exact steps to reproduce the issue:1.  Create a new script2.  Add a page setup and print to the script (restore for both)base to FileMaker Server Expected Result:When I set the page setup and print options in the script to restore it should remember then.  If I am printing an envelope is should allow me to set the paper to envelope and remember it each time but it remembers whatever was printed last! Actual Result:It always remembers what the last thing printed was set to.  It NEVER remembers what I have preset in the actually script  PLEASE HELP.  I have hundreds of scripts that all have various print options.  I can't have the users constantly having to change everything in page setup.  Have I missed a NEW FEATURE and I'm not scripting the print options properly? 

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          "PLEASE HELP.  I have hundreds of scripts that all have various print options"

          That's something you should be changing anyway, for exactly this reason. You should have for instance, a print portrait/current record script; and a print portrait/records being browsed script. All the other print scripts that to go various layouts, etc should be calling these two subscripts for the actual print action. 

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               Okay I thought I was cle. It doesn't matter if I call the subscript, It doesn't hold the settings for the print. It will change in scriptmaker to the last printer settings. Meaning no matter what I set it to once another print script runs it sets all to that setting
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              You completely missed the point.

              Change ALL print report scripts to point to common print scripts.


              Script "PRINT FOUND SET" 

              Print [store print found set option]


              Script A

              Go to layout X

              Sort by LastName

              Perform script [Print Found Set] 


              Script B

              Go to layout Y

              Sort by Company

              Perform script [Print Found Set]


              Script C

              Go to layout Z

              Sort by Customer

              Perform script [Print Found Set]


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                Thanks for your reply but I do understand what you are talking about.  I have been a Filemaker Developer since Filemaker 2.  In your scripts where you stated to run a subscript, I am doing this.


                One of the subscripts:


                Go to Layout

                Print Setup (Restore)

                Print (Restore)


                When I run these various subscripts, Filemaker WON'T hold the print setup or the print settings.  When the subscript runs, it's as if I didn't have the settings in the script.  It is remembering whatever the last settings where to the printer not what is stored in the print setup or print script step.  For instance, if the subscript runs that will print landscape, when I run another script that has a subscript that prints portrait, the settings DO NOT print portrait even though I have the Print Setup in the script and the Print in the script that presets everything.


                When I run the debugger, it shows no problem with the script and I am not getting any error codes.  My original question was if anyone else had trouble with Filemaker 10 NOT remembering what the Print Setup and the Print script steps?  Because mine are not working.    My users have to actually change to landscape or portrait along with other options that I have preset.  I even tried running the print setup without a dialog, but left the print to show a dialog so the user could change printer names.


                Bruce, I appreciate your comments but  I really would appreciate if TSGal(the moderator) would jump in this discussion and let me know if this is a known problem with version 10 and if it's not, I would like it reported.  I just upgraded 6 copies to 10 and every user is experiencing this print problem so that tells me it's not a printer or print driver problem. I am also convinced it has nothing to do with my scripts because it worked just fine in 8.5.




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                  Thank you for your post.


                  Yes, a number of people have reported that when you use Page Setup/Print Setup and select a printer, the Print dialog does not reflect the changed printer name.  They need to specify the printer name in the Print dialog box.  Otherwise, it will print to the last used printer.  This has been happening since FileMaker Pro 8.  Why it worked fine for you in 8.5 and not in 10 is unknown.  It's been a hard one to narrow down, because we are unable to reproduce it in house.


                  Can you tell me more about your system?  That is, computer, OS, single-user, network, etc.  This may help us (FileMaker, Inc.) locate the cause.



                  FileMaker, Inc. 

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                    I am using a Dell PC, Windows XP Professional, Servce Pack 3, that has a networked HP 2650 printers along with other various printers.   I am running the file on Filemaker Server 10.


                    Changing the printer isn't the onl thing it does, it also with change all of the settings such as portrait or landscape and what type of paper.  I don't have a problem if I have to select the printer if it was just remember to print landscape or even what type of paper(such as envelopes).


                    I keep reading about others who change a setting to standard.  On the pc side, there is no such option.  Any type of solutions that can be offered?

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                      I am having the exact same problem in FileMaker Pro 11 (Advanced); the database resides on FileMaker Pro Server 11 (all updates are current).


                      Basically, when i create a print script (Print Setup followed by Print), the settings do not always hold.  I'm printing to a PDF Acrobat printer.  The settings will work intermittently, but every so often I find that the settings get lost.  I haven't figured out a rhyme or reason as to why the settings get lost.  I'm an experienced developer (also developing since FileMaker 2).

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                        Meghan Gohil:

                        Thank you for your post.

                        I just want to make sure you have the PDF Acrobat printer specified in the Print Setup and Print script steps.  Are you pausing to print?  Does this occur on first time after using FileMaker Pro?  Or, does it occur after some time?  What other applications do you have running?  How much available memory do you have?  Any other information you can provide to help me replicate the problem would be appreciated.

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