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Filemaker 10 Sort with Number Fields

Question asked by LarsVandegraaf on Jun 5, 2009
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Filemaker 10 Sort with Number Fields

Description of the issue

I have a field that is a serial number field, I had to make it a number field instead of a text field so it avoided sorting 1, 10, 100 etc.    Here's a neat feature:  Some of the instances in the field are all numbers, some are combinations SS-number, some are T2-number.  If you sort by serial number, the SS's go to the top, all numbers in the center, T2's to the bottom (thats kind of freaky but hold on it gets really freaky).  If you change SS to SS1 so it will move those records down to the bottom of the sort with the T2's you better use enough leading 0's in the number portion of the serial number because Filemaker thinks record SS1-1 is a duplicate record of 11 and SS1-2 a duplicate record of 12 and so on. Please don't make comments like you should design a better serial number scheme as this is a conversion project for a customer thats want to keep the serial numbers the way they are and they don't want to see another serial numbering system with a new field.