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FileMaker 11 - Container fields not printing properly

Question asked by bmacisaac on May 6, 2010
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FileMaker 11 - Container fields not printing properly

Description of the issue

FileMaker Product(s) involved:FileMaker Pro 11.0v1Operating System(s) involved:Mac 10.6.3Detailed description of the issue:When there are multiple occurences of a container field on the same layout and that field is set to store only a reference to the file, only one of the container fields is printed.Exact steps to reproduce the issue:1.  Create a database with one container field on a layout.2.  Duplicate that container field.3.  Insert a picture in the field and check "Store only a reference to the file"Expected Result:With FileMaker 10, both fields display and print properly.Actual Result:With FileMaker 11 Both containers display correctly but only one will show on the print or print preview.Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared:The print displays "The file cannot be displayed: 1400lwa.jpg" where the second container should be.