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    Filemaker 11 : Scrolling Portals : Windows (All)

    Steve Wright


      Filemaker 11 : Scrolling Portals : Windows (All)

      Description of the issue

      In Filemaker Pro 11 (final release) when scrolling portals the portal contents will flicker. I sent a video of this to FMI about 3 weeks ago demonstrating the difference between filemaker 10 and filemaker 11.In FM10, the same solution with the same data scrolled smoothly.In FM11, the portal continuously re-draws during scrolling. This happens on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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          Thank you for your post.


          I know you sent it through the normal Testing channels, but I would also like a copy so I can make sure it gets reported to everyone.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - envelope icon) with instructions where to send the file.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Steve Wright

            Hi TSGal


            A sample file should not be required, this happens on all windows machines with any db, newly created or not.

            It does NOT happen on mac osx though...


            I think a video seems more appropriate in this situation



            The one I sent to FMI was in a higher resolution, but its still clearly visible what Im pointing out.


            The first part of the video demonstrates my solution in Filemaker 10.

            The second part is the same solution, same records, same circumstances... but in Filemaker 11.


            I have tested this behaviour on XP, Vista and 7 via runtime files,  the video is showing it running under FMP Advanced (both version)

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              I agree the video is self-explanatory.  However, I would still like to get some additional information.


              How many records are in the portal?  Can you tell me more about the related table?  That is, how many fields, how many records, etc.  Anything you can provide to help our testers replicate the problem would be helpful.



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Steve Wright

                Hi TSGal


                Although I used my own development copy of my solution for showing the video, the file does not need to be anything special.


                I can reproduce this on a simple file, with 3 fields and a cartesian product join.

                35 records, with static data and no conditional formatting or calculations anywhere to be seen.

                Just 1 layout, 1 portal and 35 records containing 3 or 4 digit numbers per field.


                The problem can still be seen, but is a lot more pronounced with real world data.

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                  Steve Wright

                  I have just made a sample file which I will send to you.


                  A video of this file in action is shown below.



                  Whilst the effect is dramatically reduced due to the lack of complexity on the layout, you will notice the portal still

                  does a complete re-draw or two when I am scrolling UP on the portal in filemaker 11 when compared to 10

                  If you pause the video at roughly 00:20 you will see most of the contents of the portal are not there, this does not happen in FM10


                  I realise a lot of work has gone into preventing the flicker, and I for one am thrilled that the majority of it has now been eradicated,

                  but this in particular is going to prevent me from being able to use / deploy using FM11 since I primarily work with Windows OS.



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                    That should be more than enough information for our testers.  If they require more information, I'll let  you know.


                    Thanks for taking the time to document this.  I definitely appreciate it.



                    FileMaker, Inc.

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                      Steve Wright

                      Hi TSGal.


                      Im asking... as a customer and as a supplier of your software for a definitive answer which I believe I am well within my right to receive, if not on here, then by email / phone or perhaps you can put me into contact with somebody who can answer the question directly.


                      What I want to know is if this issue will be actively looked into and fixed within filemaker version 11  albeit FM11 v.50 (but not FM12 or FM13)

                      I can not and am not prepared to wait not knowing whilst expecting my customers to trust in my solution, when I have zero control !


                      I realise filemaker 11 has only just been released, but this makes completely un-usable, the problem is not hardware, not my solution, it is Filemaker 11.

                      It is un-usable... I can not expect my clients to have to put up with this !!!


                      For what its worth, Filemaker 7, 8, 9 and 10's layout re-draw is easier to deal with than this, but due to below, you will understand why staying with 10 is not an option, my licence agreement states (im 99% sure) that my solution must be built / deployed within the current version of FM !


                      Now heres the other problem......from this point forward I have no choice but to purchase Filemaker 11 for all my future clients under the SBA programme, so before I proceed with the purchase of my next bundle of licences, I require a definitive answer.  This is not something my usual sales contact can answer.


                      Again, if you can not supply me with the answer here, since this is a public forum, then please send me a PM with details of the person who can !





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                        Hi Steve, many of us are in the same boat.  None of us have (or will) receive answers.  It has been stated plainly that it is not their policy to let us know when or if bugs will be fixed (either in 10 or 11 or in the next 50 years).


                        We can complain all we want.  They obviously don't care if we move elsewhere.  Some day they will wake up but sadly it will be too late. :smileysad:

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                          Steve Wright

                          Sadly... I know this is the case..... but I keep convincing myself to not give up hope !


                          My day has been ruined, Im now stuck with having to deploy a solution which looks worse than it did before in the most critical area... where data lies !

                          Considering portals are a major player within filemaker... this makes the issue of high priority in my eyes..


                          I really wish they would actually test filemaker on windows and if they do... then Fire the person who did the testing !!!  

                          They obviously are no good at their job.  It took me a few minutes to notice this problem as soon as the pre-release was announced !


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                            You can likely purchase the FM 11 licenses and then speak to customer support or your local rep to get a downgrade license to FM 10.

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                              howards wrote:

                              You can likely purchase the FM 11 licenses and then speak to customer support or your local rep to get a downgrade license to FM 10.


                              But what of the other bugs that have been fixed in 11? It leaves us without a truly usable version to work with.

                              IMHO Version 8.0v3 was one of the best versions in recent years ('course whoever sent 8.0v1 to market should have been fired, don't get me started on this one.) I am using 8.5 (webviewer was worth the bugs that were created in 8.5). 9 and 10 are almost unusable on the window platform (Graphic issues made these versions inconsistent, they would work "OK" on some machines and terrible on others, I could have gotten 30+ machines to run them all well but would have had to touch every single one to adjust hardware settings, not something that should have to be done for any business solution.)


                              I have been looking at the trial version of 11 and have been pleasantly surprised at how much better it looks/renders than ver 9 or 10 but....


                              The flashing that occurs when scrolling portals is UNACCEPTABLE. I find it hard to believe that noone questioned sending this to market with this issue not addressed. The flashing from a portal (especially if the layout background is dark and the portal background is light) is enough to give an epileptic a seizure.


                              I am still waiting for a usable version of filemaker.

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                                Steve Wright


                                Im holding my breath, with my fingers crossed for this to be fixed in a V-rev...  
                                I just hope that if a fix does come, it does not  un-do whatever they did to get rid of windows flicker..
                                Other than that, there is nothing else we can do.... but don't use it, which is not where I want to be right now...


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                                  Steve Wright

                                  I have to say... Im absolutely amazed that this issue isn't being brought up by many people...

                                  Is everybody using a mac ??? or perhaps not ventured into FM11 yet ???


                                  I released a beta version of my latest solution which requires FM 11 this week to around 30 companies and every single one of them stated they would not use it with this problem in place... So now I have to delay my release indefinitely in hope that FM do indeed release an update.     


                                  Yes... I could change everything back to using 10... but then its catch 22... 

                                  I would have to dumb it all back down again to get around the full screen re-draw issues, so may as well not release my new version ever....


                                  Please please please hurry up with a v-rev to fix this issue....

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                                    WoodApple wrote:

                                    howards wrote:

                                    You can likely purchase the FM 11 licenses and then speak to customer support or your local rep to get a downgrade license to FM 10.

                                    But what of the other bugs that have been fixed in 11? 

                                    I'm sure there may have been a lot of very minor bugs fixed in 11.  The only major one I am aware of and that (for me) makes an upgrade to 11 worthwhile is that window redraws no longer flash like crazy on initial draw.  But balance that against the new problem with portals and it wouldn't seem an upgrade to 11 would be appropriate at this time.


                                    In answer to SWS about when a new v-rev may be made available: I can't speak for FileMaker, but I have noticed a pattern over the years that v-revs are only released each three months, regardless of the scope or severity of issues covered by those v-revs.  On that schedule, I would say you might target your new solution's release for early to mid June.



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