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FileMaker 11 Crash on Open Remote

Question asked by JohnDuncan on Mar 21, 2010
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FileMaker 11 Crash on Open Remote

Description of the issue

FileMaker Products InvolvedFileMaker Pro 11.0v1 Advanced (probably FileMaker Pro 11 too) Operating Systems InvolvedMacOS-X 10.5.8, 10.6.2, Mac Mini Intel Dual 1.67, Mac Pro 1 Quad Xeon 2.93 Detailed Description of IssueWhen opening a remote database from the "Open New or Existing File" diaiog by clicking on the "Remote..." button the "Open Remote File" dialog is presented on top of the "Open new or Existing File" dialog.  After clicking on the Server and database there can be a delay between clicking the "Open" button and when the "Open" dialog comes up asking for the Account Name and Password.  During that time the "Open New or Existing" dialog is displayed and is in no way disabled.  If you then click the "Remote" button on the "Open New or Existing File" dialog FileMaker crashes. The delay may be related to screen-sharing software.  I observed the problem on two different Macs when using Timbuktu 8.8 or Apple Remote Desktop 3.3.2 but have not observed it when manipulating the screen directly.  It does not seem to be dependent on connection speed as the Mac Pro is also the FileMaker Server.  I tried but could not reproduce the problem on Windows XP using Timbuktu to control its screen. Exact steps to reproduce the issue1. Requires 2 Macs to reproduce using screen-sharing software (plus a FileMaker Server)2. Set up Mac "A' with FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced and turn on Screen Sharing or Remote management3. Use Mac "B" to share Mac "A"s screen4. Open FileMaker and get to the "Open File" dialog5. Click on the "Remote" button6. Enter the ID and Password and click "Open"7. The "Open FIle" may remain open after the ID/Password dialog goes away8. Click on the "Remote" button again.  FileMaker crashes Expected ResultThe "Open File" dialog should disappear as soon as the ID/Password dialog goes away. Actual ResultIn some cases especially on remotely controlled screens the "Open File" dialog remains up long enough to click on the "Remote" button again. Exact text of any error message(s) that appearedApplication crash dialog appears offering to send info to Apple Any additional configuration information/troubleshooting that is relevant to the issueTesting was done both on a local network and across the Internet using 2 different machines and 2 different FileMaker servers.  There was a high correlation between remotely controlling the screen and seeing the problem.