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FileMaker 11 Save SnapShot Link Bug

Question asked by JamesMoore on Mar 10, 2010
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FileMaker 11 Save SnapShot Link Bug

Description of the issue

If the Window title of a FileMaker file contains OS level illegal characters (such as : / | | ? < > ) then the "File -> Send/Save Records As -> SnapShot Link..." menu option will not work. No error message or warning is displayed, 'SnapShot Link' just does nothing. This is because the .fpsl file that is created is based on the FM Window Title. If the Window Title contains illegal characters, then the snapshot file can not be created. A warning message would be the preferred resolution. Haven't tested it on OS X but would assume it's illegal characters would cause the same result. Replicated on Win XP, Vista, and Win7 32 & 64-bit. James