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    FileMaker 11 Save SnapShot Link Bug



      FileMaker 11 Save SnapShot Link Bug

      Description of the issue

      If the Window title of a FileMaker file contains OS level illegal characters (such as : / | | ? < > ) then the "File -> Send/Save Records As -> SnapShot Link..." menu option will not work. No error message or warning is displayed, 'SnapShot Link' just does nothing. This is because the .fpsl file that is created is based on the FM Window Title. If the Window Title contains illegal characters, then the snapshot file can not be created. A warning message would be the preferred resolution. Haven't tested it on OS X but would assume it's illegal characters would cause the same result. Replicated on Win XP, Vista, and Win7 32 & 64-bit. James

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          James Moore:


          Thank you for your post.


          I can definitely replicate the problem.  Interestingly, if you create a new window, and then go to "Save/Send Records As -> Snapshot Link...", you can then enter a file name with invalid characters, but as soon as you try to save, an alert pops up displaying "The above file name is invalid".


          The problem does not occur on OS X as you are able to save a filename with "illegal" characters.


          I have forwarded your post along with my findings to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for review and confirmation.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            This kind of bug is frankly baffling for a so called professional company. Especially on a new advertised main feature. Cross platform filename issue are know for decades, and the cross platform context is totally obvious for a file you supposed to sent to people.


            An intern should be ashamed of that, let alone a software company (who creates a cross platform solution moreover).


            That seriously shows the lack of thinking at FM In, plus the total lack of proper testing procedure.


            Its' not an obscure bug, it's a bug on one of the few touted feature, a bug that's totally obvious for a feature with files exchange cross platform. It's just total lack of care and sheer incompetence.


            Arsh ? no, just true



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              On Mac OS, ":" – which is forbiden – is substituted on the fly by "/" and all others characters are allowed.


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                This issue has been fixed in FileMaker 12. When the window name includes illegal characters, FMP12 subsitutes the file name for the window name.

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                  Sorry for replying old post, this bug is not fixed till FM14.

                  If the window name ends with Char(10) or Char(13), saving operation is automatically canceled. In script, error code is 1.