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    Filemaker 11.0v4 - Random Error Message Loop



      Filemaker 11.0v4 - Random Error Message Loop


      FileMaker Pro



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      Description of the issue


      After years of using FM with no problems, suddenly last week, a persistent, seemingly random bug has been driving me crazy.
      I'll spend an hour or two entering data and at one point, when I hit the "print" or save button I get a message that says "Please choose an existing Agency for this transaction."
      Once that happens, the program won't let me do anything. Not even Quit. And, of course, there is no problem with the "Agency" in question.
      I Force Quit, Restart the Computer and still the problem persists. I then leave the computer alone for a week and the whole cycle starts over.

      Any ideas?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Enter information into fields. Click "Print" (save).

      Expected result

      Transaction is created and added to database.

      Actual result

      Error message.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      Please choose an existing Agency for this transaction.


      wait a week.


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               This is not a built in FileMaker error message. You'll need to examine your file and see where this message was specified. From the screen shot, I'd guess that it's a custom validation error message. With custom validation messages, the message can be misleading as any validation error on the field where this message is specified will cause this message to display. So some other validation error than the "existing value" option that your error message suggests could be the source of the problem.

               And if this is an "existing value" error that's causing this message to display and you know that the specific value in the field does exist in other records in the table, it's possible that the index for the field has been damaged. You might test a recovered copy and see if you get the same issue. If it does not happen in the recovered copy, you can try using advanced recover options: Copy File Blocks As Is and Rebuild Field Indexes to create a copy of the file where the only change made was to rebuild all indexes in the file.