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Filemaker 12 "Export as PDF" functions differently that Filemaker 11

Question asked by KimberlyMadore on Jun 5, 2012


Filemaker 12 "Export as PDF" functions differently that Filemaker 11


FileMaker Pro


FM 12, from a FM 11 converted file

Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

We have a few large PDF reports (200-1000 + pages) that include container fields with referenced images where the files are stored on a file server.  In order to build these PDFs we currently have the user download the data to a local filemaker file, and then the run a script that exports the report in batches and uses "Append to PDF" option in order to build the completed report as one PDF.

This works in FM 11.  We converted the files to FM 12 and after a few appends, the exports fail and the partially built pdf file is corrupted.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Our report layout contains 2 different referenced images displayed as container fields (Image type "A" and type "B"), plus a logo (stored in the database).  3 records fit on a page (in columns).  51 records are processed (17 pages) and exported at a time.

All records have an "Image Type A", but not all will necessarily have an "Image Type B" to display.

Expected result

The report builds successfully from FM 11, in FM 12 after a few batches, the appends fail, and the PDF becomes corrupted.

Actual result

After a few batches, the appends fail,and the PDF becomes corrupted.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

"ReportName.pdf" could not be created on this disk.  Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk.

(Exporting the report to a folder on my desktop with 15%/21 GB free space on my C drive)

Configuration information

Rebuilding the layout and varying the size of the container fields on the layout has not helped.  Varying the number of records included in the append did not help (even exporting/appending 3 records/1 page at a time).  In all cases from FM 12, the file eventually reaches over 900 MB (909-969 MB)and fails.  We've been able to repeat this with using different sets of data and find similar results.

Example data results are included in the attached JPG


At the moment the only workaround we have is to limit the number of appends, export the report in multiple parts and then have someone manually combine those separate PDF parts in order to produce the one PDF report.