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FileMaker 12 - Snap to Width of text block

Question asked by scottworld on Apr 29, 2013
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FileMaker 12 - Snap to Width of text block


FileMaker Pro



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OS X 10.8.3

Description of the issue

There doesn't seem to be any way in FileMaker 12 to take a text block and "snap it down" to the SMALLEST WIDTH needed to contain all the text in that block. This was so incredibly easy in FileMaker 5,6,7,8,9,10, and 11… you just bolded then unbolded the text block, and it automatically snapped down to the smallest width needed for that text block. But in FileMaker 12, it seems like you can only reduce the width of a text block manually, but then as you get close to the edge of the text, it creates a 2nd line of text. It's very laborious and inefficient inaccurate, because you have to reduce then increase then reduce then increase, ad infinitum… all to try to find the right width.

This is so incredibly frustrating, because I'm trying to create a "professional-looking" form that people are going to fill out… the sort of form you might create in Microsoft Word. To look professional, each text label always needs to be the same distance from its corresponding field. But it's just too impossible to create a professional form with these new layout tools that we've been given in FM 12, because we can't figure out what the appropriate "right edge" of the text block is without being able to "snap it down" to the SMALLEST WIDTH possible.

We've been able to do this for 15-20 years in FileMaker, but now suddenly in FM 12, we've been denied this functionality?