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Filemaker 12 Advanced Slows down system when idle

Question asked by JeffreyMarkham on Dec 17, 2012


Filemaker 12 Advanced Slows down system when idle


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mountain Lion 10.8

Description of the issue

We have noticed that our Mac Mini (16GB of RAM/dual I5) become sluggish
over time. When we check the CPU usage (system and user) it appears to be
completely unloaded. However, the response of both Filemaker (and other apps)
becomes very sluggish. If we close filemaker and re-open it, the problem goes

We also checked the RAM usage .. there's only 2GB being used by the system (according
to Activity Monitor ).

We are using FileMaker Pro with FileMaker Go, so we need to have the FileMaker Pro app up and running continuously.

We did not have this problem with FileMaker 11.

If we do not bring up FileMaker, there is no issue.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Bring up Filemaker12 with our database .. leave idle for an hour or so, the system
will start to degrade in performance.


Closing and re-opening Filemaker. In some cases, we restart the system.