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FileMaker 12 Interactive Containers Fail if FileMaker using external non-standard port

Question asked by JohnDuncan on Sep 12, 2012


FileMaker 12 Interactive Containers Fail if FileMaker using external non-standard port


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

MacOS-X Server 10.8.1

Description of the issue

Although FileMaker can not run on a port other than 5003 it is been possible to use FileMaker on a non-standard port externally by setting a router to pass the external non-standard port through to the correct internal IP address on the standard port.  This works fine for normal FileMaker sharing but fails with Interactive content due to a malformed IP address being generated.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Set up a FileMaker server on a private IP network and set up an external port-route for a different port to pass through to port 5003 to the internal IP address.  Also set up a route for port 16000 to the same address.  For example a server inside the network is running on address, the router might be set to pass port 15003 (not a typo, fifteen thousand three) on the external Internet address of through to port 5003 to device  In the "Open Remote" the host address would be defined as

Expected result

With both port 15003 passed through to 5003 on the private network and port 16000 passed through to 16000 to the same IP address it should be possible to stream container content.

Actual result

Interactive containers do not work.  The problem is that FileMaker is somewhere generating a URL that looks like:

Note that the address "" is not a valid address:port specification.  FileMaker is assuming that it is running on the default port and concatenating the 16000 behind the non-standard port specification

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages occur.

Configuration information

The private network has 2 FileMaker servers, 1 FMS 11 and 1 FMS 12 which is why one of the machines requires the custom port specification


Change the FMS 11 machine to use the custom external port (because it doesn't have Interactive Containers) and make the FMS 12 machine use the standard external port.

Ideally FileMaker should be smart enough to ignore the port specification on the server address and just put the :16000 after the base address replacing the custom port.