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FileMaker 12 randomly changes height of fields

Question asked by scott2si on Jul 5, 2012
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FileMaker 12 randomly changes height of fields


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Yet another bug in this glorious release known as FileMaker 12, the greatest software product to ever appear on planet earth!

1. Select 2 objects on your layout.
2. Increase the width of these 2 objects by pulling horizontally on one of the side handles.
3. FileMaker doesn't just increase the width of the 2 objects, but it also CHANGES THE HEIGHT OF THE FIELDS TO MATCH EACH OTHER!

Um, what?! That isn't what we wanted to happen, FileMaker... we wanted the widths to be expanded, not the heights to be matched.

This behavior worked JUST FINE FOR THE LAST 22 YEARS OF FILEMAKER'S HISTORY... but now it doesn't work in FileMaker 12.