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Filemaker 12 Slow Printing

Question asked by bbernosky on May 1, 2012
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Filemaker 12 Slow Printing


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Vista and XP

Description of the issue

It appears that FM12 has changed the printing process.  We do some large mail merge like print jobs ranging about 7,000 pages.  They are simple letters with no graphics and just changing the name an address.  Our printer is a high-end Lanier printer capable of printing about 1,500 an hour.

With FM 12, it appears to be treating every page as a unique print job.  I have also tried printing on our HP 5000 which is a slower printer but with the same results.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Just print.  You can also see the screen "struggle" to print each page whereas before it just flew through the print dialog box.

Expected result

Under FM 11, the printer just kept spitting out pages, now there is a pause between each page.  I would say it is now printing at about 300 per hour.


I am trying different ideas as to how to temporarily fix this until FM fixes the problem.  Has anyone heard of a good work around.  I have seen several other postings about slow printing but most of it appears to be complaints rather than solutions.  Are there new preferences hidden somewhere that might cause this problem?