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FileMaker 12 Value Lists Problem Related to Slow Network or Network Traffic

Question asked by RyanBachman on May 29, 2013


FileMaker 12 Value Lists Problem Related to Slow Network or Network Traffic


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7/8

Description of the issue

The issue is extremely similar to an issue that was resolved previously (, but this time the problem is occurring more inconsistently. It appears to be somehow related to either a slow network connection or significant traffic on a network.

My connection is generally via a VPN, and the value lists rarely populate properly. Users in the office have indicated that the problem occasionally arises when all users are using FileMaker.

I should mention that the value lists in question are filtered through two related tables. I can alleviate and possibly eliminate the issue completely by changing the relational operator so that all records in the adjacent table are included. Please note that this is not an issue of no relationships available, because the problem is sporadic and inconsistent, even though the relationships between records have not changed. Also, the list ALWAYS works properly on the computer hosting the file, which is the exact file users are using across the network.

Please see the screen shots from the issue cited above; the issue is identical.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Difficult to reproduce because of the inconsistency of the problem. It does seem that the more fields that are used in the relationship, the more likely the problem is to surface.

Expected result

List of filtered values from a related table.

Actual result

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Configuration information

FM Pro acts as the server for 2-5 clients, one of which may be across a VPN. The server is running Windows XP Professional. The clients are running FM Pro or FM Pro Advanced on either Windows 7 or 8. The server and all clients are running FM 12.


If all values are included via the relationship, or if the network speed somehow increases, the problem appears to go away.